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Types Of Irrigation Systems In India Pdf Free

Types Of Irrigation Systems In India Pdf Free


Types Of Irrigation Systems In India Pdf Free >


















































Types Of Irrigation Systems In India Pdf Free, livro parasitologia david pereira neves pdf free


About 68% of the area equipped for irrigation is located in Asia, 17% in the America, 9% in Europe, 5% in Africa and 1% in Oceania. Drip irrigation was used to the ancient custom in certain parts of India of irrigating a tulsi plant kept in the courtyard. ^ EOS magazine, september 2009 ^ World Water Council ^ Hukkinen, Janne, Emery Roe, and Gene I. In the Sichuan region belonging to the State of Qin of ancient China, the Dujiangyan Irrigation System was built in 256 BCE to irrigate an enormous area of farmland that today still supplies water.[18] By the 2nd century AD, during the Han Dynasty, the Chinese also used chain pumps that lifted water from lower elevation to higher elevation.[19] These were powered by manual foot pedal, hydraulic waterwheels, or rotating mechanical wheels pulled by oxen.[20] The water was used for public works of providing water for urban residential quarters and palace gardens, but mostly for irrigation of farmland canals and channels in the fields.[21]. Hence, a detailed understanding of soil water conditions is essential for effective utilization of wastewater for irrigation.[37]. Soil type plays less important role in frequency of irrigation. Capillary action brings alkaline salts to the surface and makes large areas unfit for agriculture. Recycled non-potable water can be safely used. C.


When the rainy season is over, the flood in the river subsides, the level of water falls below the level of the canal head and the canal dries up. It is also called trickle irrigation, which was originally developed in Israel in the early 1960s and became popular in areas of water scarcity. Taipei: Caves Books Ltd. Farmers flow water down the furrows (often using only gravity) and it seeps vertically and horizontally to refill the soil reservoir. Localized irrigation[edit].


One of the main purposes of drip irrigation is to decrease the water consumption by reducing the leaching factor. Retrieved 2012-06-19. Drops can also be used with drag hoses or bubblers that deposit the water directly on the ground between crops. Tank Irrigation:. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Irrigation. 5d80d7912b

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